Happy 1st Birthday, Harri!

Apart from a very low profile singing of ‘Happy Birthday’ while she was still in her cot, the day started like any other. I knew it was going to be a tiring one for her, so really wanted her to eat a good breakfast with no distractions. She ate up all her porridge, a good few squares of toast, and a whole banana, so mission accomplished! Then we made Daddy a cup of tea and went to wake him up.
As I brought in a few cards and presents for her to open on our bed, Harri’s face lit up the room! She beamed and beamed with excitement, and set to tearing off wrapping paper and opening envelopes. This lasted about an hour, before she had her milk and I put her down for what was to be her one nap of the day.

Once awake and dressed, we headed off to Fisher’s Farm, all packed up with a Birthday Girl balloon attached to her stroller, and a birthday cake and candles packed in the bottom. We met our friends in the car park and headed straight to the animal pens where we practiced all our animal noises! Here Harri also came face to face with Jessie the Jersey cow for the first, but not the last time that day!
Wandering outside, Harri followed Luke’s lead and had a go on the rip wire ride, with Daddy in close attendance.

Whoaa! Are you sure, Daddy?!

Then there was a ‘Bug Ride’ before we headed off for lunch and some Birthday Cake..Yum, yum!

Happy Birthday to Harri!

In the end it was a bit of a rush to make it to the Animal Theatre, but we just about made it. As lots of children volunteered to get up on stage and handle or feed the animals, Harri was completely gripped. Then the host asked if there were any Birthdays in the room. No one put up a hand, so I indicated that it was Harri’s Birthday, but told them that she was only 1. I was asked if I’d like to take her up on stage, so seeing how excited Harri had been so far, I duly obliged. In hushed tones on the stage, I was told that they were unsure how this was going to work, as the animal about to appear was quite large – it was Jessie the Jersey Cow!
Before Jessie entered the stage, the audience was invited to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Harriet, and about 80 people gave a beautiful rendition while Harri beamed.
Then Jessie arrived. I was given an orange segment to feed to her, and then Harri was allowed to sit on her back and stroke her… More beaming smiles – she was beside herself with excitement!

When we got back to our seats, Chris proudly announced that he’d captured the whole thing on his iPhone video – oh joy! Still, Harri was really happy and I was so happy for her.
Next we had a tractor ride around the farm, and then headed indoors to the soft play area for some milk and for the grown-ups to have a drink! Then we headed home.
Harri was asleep before we got the car out of the farm car park, and slept on in her car seat in the hall when we got back before waking for tea, bath and bed.

All in all, a fabulous day. Thank you so much to the Diver/Fairholme family, and to all at Fisher’s Farm – you made it a real birthday to remember. ☺

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